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Civil Cases

While the central focus of his practice has been defending the accused in criminal matters, Mr. Moon also possesses a wealth of knowledge in civil litigation law.

Civil and criminal cases can intertwine. An auto accident can involve injuries as well as criminal charges. Mr. Moon is able to offer his clients a single law firm for a wide variety of legal needs.

Mr. Moon provides a no-obligation consultation to review the circumstances of your case or claim. After discussing the options with you, he can create a plan for defending you or seeking compensation for your losses - all with the utmost confidentiality.

If you have been involved in an accident or it appears you are about to be taken into custody, call him immediately.

NOTE: The Oregon State Bar Association hosts a public access website with legal topics and information that may be helpful to you in dealing with your particular issue.

• Civil litigation
• Personal injury
• Wrongful death
• Automobile accidents
• Driver’s license suspension
• Traffic Violations
• Juvenile delinquency
• Minor in possession